Making mobility work for provider IT organizations

For provider IT professionals, mobility can be a tough nut to crack. Data required for clinical decision-making is generated and stored across a dizzying array of systems and devices throughout the enterprise. How can they make it available to mobile devices securely, rapidly, in a format that makes sense to each user?

AirStrip® can erase that complexity and make true healthcare mobility a reality now. Our comprehensive enterprise solution provides the services, architecture, platform, and user experience that can enable IT to:

  • Shatter barriers between disparate data sources with a vendor-neutral, data source-agnostic platform that brings it all together
  • Deliver a superior experience with native mobile architecture and elegant, simple solutions that tap the full potential of mobile operating systems
  • Maintain the security of personal health information and help ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and health system policies
  • Reduce the burden on your IT organization with expert implementation services, AirStrip operations, and a flexible technology platform that enables rapid, scalable integration with your IT infrastructure