AirStrip ONE® : Over 3.5 million babies and counting

See how clinicians are using AirStrip ONE and how moms-to-be can benefit from mobile patient monitoring.


In this interview from the 2014 INSIGHT conference in Las Vegas, AirStrip President Matt Patterson, M.D. discusses the exciting data analysis and early patient warning projects now in the works with IBM.

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TED@IBM: Enhanced Care – A Million Data Points at a Time

IBM VP of Big Data Integration and Governance Inhi Cho Suh discusses how - by applying big data analytics - algorithms can inform medical personnel more successfully while reducing alarms. AirStrip is highlighted as part of the discussion.

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The AirStrip Deep Dive Presentation at Health 2.0

In this video from the 2014 Health 2.0 fall conference, Kevin Ward, MD – Director of the Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care - joins CEO Alan Portela to discuss how big data analytics and strategic partnerships promise to have a major impact on critical care.

Helping Hospitals Solve Interoperability Issues

As part of the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance Convergence Summit 2014, AirStrip COO Matt Patterson, M.D. discusses marketplace response to AirStrip ONE® and its ability to effectively unify data from disparate sources.

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How to Optimize Existing Health IT Infrastructures

Interviewed at HIMSS14 by Intel Healthcare IT, AirStrip CEO Alan Portela talks about how healthcare organizations can economically optimize technology infrastructures while still delivering performance.